Turning Over a New Leaf

Are you ever sick of your mundane boring depressing lives? This is a story of a man who tries to overcome the downs, and make everything bright and promising again. So here we are, Turning over a new leaf.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hello Hello Hello!

Dear all who has been wading through the murky global swamp (we call that the internet nowadays) , and welcome to my humble little blog!

You might find it depressing to read my posts, or even find it enlightening or motivating to hear about my sad life, but I really hope it turns to the better, and might give you some real initiative in your own too! (hopefully, that's my plan)

Well, This blog is going to be my therapy, my lil' page of motivationary material, so hopefully I keep going on my plans to turn my life around! ( if you ever see my slack off, fell free to send hate-mail to my acc, Lol... )

So lets see, who am I, why am I so sick of my life?
Well, Lets use the worst words, I'm a recluse, a procrastinator, selfish, totally unorganized in my life, and slowly losing interest in life itself.
I've once contemplated suicide, but good thing, I recognized the total selfishness of that act even before I proceeded any further. Just think about the roadsweeper who has to clean up my remains! eeyuck.

Well, of course I haven't been always like this, once I was the top of my life, living life the way I wanted (which I 'thought' I wanted, until I saw past the glitz and saw the dark side of my 'friends')

But enough about the past, I might tell you more further on, but I'd much rather like to look forward in life, rather than look backwards. Another reason might be that looking backwards might suck me back into that old life again, so... no thanks.

So, lets have some plans, people always say you never stick to your plans, but don't they give you much needed direction? so lets have some plans.

First up, I need to get healthy again, so I need to get fit.
Next I need to stop procrastinating, and start on everything as they come.
As well, I need to pay more attention to my friends, or I shall risk losing these great people in my life.
Ah, courage is another thing I need to address, courage in everything I do, will translate into confidence, and my days will look brighter, and more clear.
And a organised life, with principles, rules and routines, and hopefully I will no longer be slack and lazy, and be ontop of things.

So that's a sneak preview, see you soon to hear about my progress!